Hidey Socks Story

Hi there!

My name is Shannon Kehrer & I couldn't be happier that you stumbled across Hidey Socks because you have now found the solution to your irritating No-Show Sock problem! 

 Yay, you can FINALLY have No-Show Socks that actually stay on your feet instead of slipping off. Welcome to the Hidey Socks Team!  💖

Interested in how they were founded?
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I was SO tired of the original no-show socks constantly slipping off my feet that one day, I decided to take action. I grabbed a pair of ankle socks, put them on with my flats & cut out the Hidey Socks design you see now because I knew if I left a strap the sock wouldn't fall off. Simple but it WORKED.  After weeks of loving the design & knowing other women were struggling with the same problem, I knew I had to invest my time into designing the perfect No-Show Sock. I thought of all the things I wanted to improve for the sock & made it happen. 

Hidey Socks are 100% quality. They're functional & stylish with Genuine Swarovski Crystals on the strap.

Try out a pair today to see what your socks have been missing.

Key Benefits:

▪️ They won’t Slip Off!

▪️Swarovski Crystal Design ✨

▪️Gel Section to Help Prevent Blisters

▪️Made out of Specialized Bamboo Fiber


The Hidey Style Team