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1. Hidey Socks Review - Jay N

July 6, 2017
Such a clever idea! Unlike regular ankle socks, you don't have to worry about awkward moments of them slipping off, going into your shoe or restricting your calves.  Hidey No Show Socks have a simple, feminine, ballet Mary Jane look/style to them, which I find cute! You get a barefoot feeling (so I'd say they're the closest it gets to bare feet).  They can be worn everyday, anywhere (including hospital stays, the gym, around the house & outdoors while jumping on the trampoline) - in the hot or cold months.  I don't usually like to walk around barefoot (because I like to keep my feet clean), but at the same time, some days, I don't like to wear thick, heavy/bulky socks, so these are just right/perfect for me!

Hidey Socks are also soft, lightweight, & flexible.  They're not any ordinary socks.  They're eco-friendly, antibacterial & thermo-regulating socks which means that they keep feet cool in hot weather & warm in the winter (in other words, comfy all year long).  With the open air cut-out style on the top, they allow your feet to breathe and not sweat as much.  They're machine-washable, protect your feet from blisters & dirt (with the gel section) & can be worn with any shoes.

AKA my go-to exercise socks :) 

Because Hidey Socks are practical & functional they can also be worn with jeans or tutus.

Not sure of lifespan of Hidey Socks, but hope they last long!

P.S. Must be the right size to work!

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2. Hidey Socks Entices Online Customers With No Slip Socks Designed For Both Casual and Formal Wear Purposes

June 16, 2017

Posted: Jun 16, 2017 4:55 AM PDTUpdated: Jun 16, 2017 10:26 PM PDT

Hidey Socks increasingly becomes popular for offering a long range of pristine quality no show socks to customers who wish to get by with a comfortable odor free experience with no slippage.

United States – June 16, 2017 /MarketersMedia/ —, the recently founded no show socks business is reportedly progressing as an upcoming brand in the online market. Shannon Kehrer, founder and owner of Hidey Socks, is an aspiring designer who wanted to come up with a pair of no show socks after realizing that the market wasn’t addressing customer concerns properly.

In her own experience, Shannon explained that conventional no show socks are notorious for their low quality, slip downs and pungent odor only after a few hours of daily use. Such concerns and a natural instinct for chic designs eventually led Shannon to launch her business as ‘Hidey Socks’. The online company caters to a slew of contemporary audience by retailing high quality, bio-degradable no slip socks which not only guarantee a satisfactory fitting, but also work as advertised by not slipping off.

Although Hidey Socks is an all-women brand, the no show socks designs appeal to the male users as well for loafer & Vans style shoes. In addition, what remains common as the most highlighted features of these socks is the versatility and quality factor. All thanks to the gel infused base, a thermo-regulated breathable fabric and an anti-bacterial bamboo fiber, each pair of socks guarantee convenience from various aspects.

The company recently launched a dedicated Breast Cancer Awareness Sock design with pink Swarovski Crystals on the strap to maintain a strong foothold against the adversities of Breast Cancer disease. In order to support finding a cure, 20% of the sales proceeds from these Hidey Socks with Swarovski Crystals are announced to be donated to CBCC.

First time visitors to the company’s online store are also entitled to a 15% off special limited time discount. Just enter the code: weappreciateyou1024 & enjoy the high quality experience of Hidey Socks.

Shannon Kehrer wishes to thank friends and associates who have supported her business in any & all ways possible. Shannon plans to expand her business operations by venturing into various other categories of apparel in the near future.

Hidey Socks is also in the middle of introducing a fresh variety of colors (including nude color) and designs to add to the company’s inventory. At the moment, their merchandise is available in white and black color. The socks have been well received by women from professional business sectors, as well as busy full time moms who depend on a functional pair of no show socks throughout a day’s stretch in their lifestyle.

About Hidey Socks:

Founded by Shannon Kehrer, Hidey Socks is an upcoming footwear apparel brand in the industry. Since its inception in late 2016, the company has garnered a massive following from customers across all walks of life. Each pair of no slip socks not only guarantees comfort, but comes equipped with features that reduce bacteria and foot odor to a bare minimum. For a relatively new online business, Hidey Socks has surprisingly outperformed and outdone competitor products as according to existing and first time customers.

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3.  Hidey Socks Review - Vilma Villalobos

Nov, 30 2016

Hey guys! I just came across a product that I absolutely LOVE. For the longest time I've been wearing "no-show" socks that are anything but no-show. They always either slip off while I walk or come up the sides and make my flats look weird. Not to mention the odor that develops after a while of wearing flats (yes, TMI. But hey! It's about time people spoke up about it). Eventually I just end up wearing no socks at all, which works for about a week before my shoes start feeling gross.

The Hidey Socks claim to be:

1. No show socks
2. Antibacterial for odor control (when worn with clean shoes)
3. Thermo-regulating (moisture control)
4. Anti-slip (gel section also prevents blisters)
5. Machine washable

I decided to put these no-show socks to the test.

I was a bit skeptical about the whole ordeal (too good to be true, right?) but after putting my flats on I was pleasantly surprised...The Hidey Socks are ACTUALLY no-show! The low sides make them extremely comfortable and practical to wear, even with small flats. I was astonished. I have to give them an A+ for their no-show design!
Odor control. This is also an important one for most. No one wants to admit it, but let's be real. Feet smell. Especially if they are stuck in shoe that's not breathable and in a sock that is too tight so that it doesn't fall off. Well, guess what? After 6 hours in these Hidey socks, no odor!!! Not in the shoes, and almost none in the socks. That's incredible! I give it an A! (Disclaimer: the shoes have to be clean. You can't expect an odorless sock if the shoes are already smelly!)
Now, moisture control is a big one for me. I am a hot body, and I am constantly on my feet at work. After wearing these socks for about 6 hours, I was pleasently surprised to find that there was little to no moisture on the socks, and no moisture at all in the shoe. What!? That's pretty much unheard of for me, since I really do think I'm just typically a lot more prone to sweating in flats; but I'm sure others will have just as good or better results with these. These puppies also managed to stay cool and breathable. I didn't feel like my feet were suffocating at all. I must give moisture control an A-!

Beside all the amazing qualities and benefits these socks have to offer, the simple design and functionality of these socks have to be my favorite. The reason that these socks are truly no-show is because they are designed with really low sides. How is it that they stay on the feet, you ask? They have a sock-material strap around the ankle (no higher than a typical ankle sock) that prevents the sock from slipping off and/or riding up. Not only that, but the imbedded gel on the heel also prevents the sock from sliding off And makes it more comfortable to wear. Truly anti-slip. I absolutely LOVE these socks! The strap is easily hidden under jeans or pants, or can be worn as a fashion statement.

The Hidey Socks work well with flats, heels, boots, and other types of shoes! They are currently made in black and white, and I'm hoping they make them in tan soon! :) I give the anti-slip functionality and design an A+!

To make the socks even sweeter, they are eco-friendly and biodegradable! The hippie inside me is leaping for joy haha!

All in all these are the socks that I have been dreaming of. They are not only cute, but also functional. I highly recommend these socks to everyone. The best part is that they are very affordable too! I am so excited about these socks!

To purchase these socks or read more about them, click button below :)

The Hidey Socks were designed by a young entrepreneur, for other women everywhere.
Please support small businesses!

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Dec 13, 2016

Recently I was asked by a friend of mine to review some socks, but not just any socks, no show socks! Those of you who know me, know my hate-hate relationship with no she socks. I HATE THEM! I think they're gross, I hate that they go into your shoe, and I think you might as well not wear any socks instead of no shows. So when my friend asked me to review them I said okay but that I was going to be honest about it. I was pretty skeptical about it and I kept thinking that I didn't know how I was going to write a bad review. So I finally decided to try them on and I have to say I am a changed woman!!! I'm not sure what kind of witchcraft is in these sock,s but they are awesome. Is this how all socks are suppose to feel?! I would walk a lot more if all socks felt this way. If i had to describe it, it would be like walking on what I could only imagine, baby pandas feel like. They are ridiculously comfortable! My guess as to what makes them comfortable is what they claim as "gel" but I really think is magic.
The socks themselves work because of the strap on them, I think that keeps the sock from being sucked into your shoe. I personally wore them a lot with my hightop convers and ankle boots. I don't own flats (because they're disgusting) so I couldn't tell you how well they work with them, but from the looks of it, I would figure just the same. They absolutely hold true to every claim they make. My feet weren't cold, even though it was 30 degrees out. They also didn't sweat, even though I wore them out all day. All in all this is an excellent product. I wish they would make all kinds of socks because I would buy them all and sleep in a bed of magic panda socks. I am definitely a fan, and if they're looking for a spokesperson of some sort I could do that too. I'm just here to help. So if you like no show socks, or the feeling of walking in the lap of luxury, then go out and buy yourself these socks, because they will change your life, or at least make your walk around Walmart more bearable. I'm kidding, nothing could do that, pretend I said Target.

5. Giveaway: Hidey Socks - Kristina Roegner

March 28, 2017

I’m always looking for things to make my life easier! Yes, homeschool moms maybe don’t dress up as much as others. Yes, I probably wear yoga pants way too often. But all of that doesn’t mean we want to be less comfortable when we do dress up! (I was asked to review this product and for my review I was given a free pair of Hidey Socks. )

I had the chance to try out Hidey Socks. I like wearing flats with my nicer clothes, but shoes and I don’t always get along. I often get blisters from my shoes especially on my heels. If you know me in real life, I almost always have flip flops on unless it’s freezing cold.  Hidey Socks solve that problem. They are low-cut and have a band part to them so that they don’t slouch down. There are now socks with Sworski Crystals across the band if you like bling.

The socks are very comfortable and they weren’t too thick either. I was able to wear my normal slip on shoes without them feeling tight. I really also enjoy just wearing them around the house. They worked great wearing jeans. I was able to walk around a long time in shoes that usually bothered my feet much more quickly.