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Breast Cancer Awareness Hidey Socks - With Pink Swarovski Crystals 20% donated to Breast Cancer Awareness!

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Hidey Socks with Pink Swarovski Crystals:

  • 20% of sales will be donated to support the fight against Breast Cancer!
  • They WON'T slip off
  • They Reduce Odor
  • Have a gel section to prevent blisters
  • 100% money back guarantee

These special pairs are designed with Genuine Swarovski crystals & are the perfect way to be comfortable in your flats & show off some style! Get that "Mary Jane," look with your flats while wearing Hidey Socks!


Hidey Socks flourish compared to competitors because they are no show socks that actually stay on your feet as opposed to the other no show sock design that falls off while walking. Hidey Socks stay on because they have a cloth strap around the ankle that keeps the socks from falling off. Hidey Socks are fashionable because we added Genuine Swarovski Crystals on the Strap. When customers wear the socks with the same color shoe, the socks look like it is part of the shoe, hence adding more glam & style to the shoe. Hidey Socks are made of bamboo fiber so they naturally wick moisture. We added a thin gel section in the heel of the foot that helps prevent blisters. They’re very comfortable & amazing quality.