5 star reviews

"The strap works just as advertised and I didn't have to adjust my socks during use! "

Vanessa A

"Hidey socks are the best no-show socks I've ever encountered! The fact that they actually work, makes this my favorite product ever. "

Vilma V

" Personally they are so comfortable and low cut that you can wear them with any shoe style."

Carolina V

"Love these! They look great with booties, flats and heels."

Marci S

"I absolutely love them, they fit very well, they do not slide like most."

Dottie H

I receive compliments every time I wear them!

Robin B

"They are classy and not just another fashion accessory gimmick."

Dalene J

I" found the Hidey Sock very comfy inside a normally uncomfortable shoe! I will recommend these socks to my friends and I will by them again!"

Jan M