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"Hidey socks are the best no-show socks I've ever encountered! The fact that they actually work, makes this my favorite product ever. "

Vilma Villalobos

" Personally they are so comfortable and low cut that you can wear them with any shoe style. I was nervous that the strap would be annoying or too tight, but it’s perfect!"


"The strap works just as advertised and I didn't have to adjust my socks during use! "

Vanessa Aparicio

"I love these socks!! Anti bacterial, sweat preventing, w gel to prevent slipping. Check them out!"

Kim Sprague

Love these socks to pieces!! I wear them all the time for work! Thank you thank you thank you for such an amazing product!

Crysta Barrick

Hidey socks were perfect for my very long Saturday! I am a dance teacher, so I start teaching at 9 am. Hidey Socks did not fall off once. After dance I work retail, so more running around. My boyfriend was kind enough to do the sniff test and said that my feet smelled less than my 8 hour shift from the day before!

Elysse Mendoza

I received my Hidey Socks over the weekend and absolutely love them! These are the best socks to wear with flats!

Amy Duryea

These are no show socks that really don't slip off! So glad I can finally wear socks with with my flats. They really help my feet stay fresh through out the day. Thank you!!!

Maxine Rodriguez

These socks are so comfortable and don't slip off. The perfect no show socks and I really like the gel.

Anna Cardenas